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Blue Java Banana

I started off with two blue java banana trees. Each cost about $25 each and was about 3 foot when purchased. Since then, they have multiplied and fruited.

My life was so busy, I never really thought where bananas came from, besides in bunches at the local grocery store. It was during a visit to a botanical garden did I learn how majestic they are.

Blue Java Banana Frog
Frog sleeping in the Blue Java Banana

The first stage of fruiting is the development of the flower.

blue java banana
blue java banana

The flower starts to bloom, and flowers appear. The flowers then turn into the fruit. As the each layer falls from the flower, a new row develops.

blue java banana
blue java banana blooming

When the flower is done blooming, the banana flower can be cut down and made into a meal. I have yet to make anything with it, but there are plenty of recipes that call for a banana flower

blue java banana
blue java banana flower

Once the fruit is ready, it is time to chop harvest it from the tree. However, banana trees only bloom once. Each banana tree must be removed in order allow for the pups to grow. The bananas are not truly blue like the internet rumors. The skins are green and when ripe, they are yellow. As for the flavor, do they really taste like ice cream? The verdict is still out. They taste like a banana! The size is much smaller then the store bought ones. Very few stores offer multiple varieties of bananas. They are fun to grow and produce well.

For more information about growing bananas in Florida, check out the UF/IAFAS EDIS “Banana Growing in the Florida Home Landscape”

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