• Visiting a bee yard

    My beekeeping education was completed online. If I could get my Bachelors and Masters online, what would be the issue doing the same with the bees? For me, I know that knowledge can be...

  • Sunflowers

    After multiple attempts of growing sunflowers, I had success! The problem was the squirrels and forgetting to water them. I experimented with different varieties of sunflowers, really wanting the mammoth sunflower to grow like...

  • New Bees

    My first initial hive I got in the late summer did not survive. Spring is here in Florida and time to install some new bees. I got 5 nucs from a local beekeeper.

  • Pollinator Garden

    All are welcome! I replaced almost all my grass with as many pollinator friendly plants. The saliva is almost guaranteed to attract all kinds of bees.

  • New Hives

    My first hive was acquired used from another beekeeper who built all the equipment. I knew I wanted to expand my hives and needed to get a head start before the Spring. In the...

  • Ironman Suite?

    During the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP Boot Camp), a fellow participant had bee equipment that was no longer being used. Super excited to pick up the gear to get started!

  • Florida Native Tomatoes

    Every garden needs tomatoes! I grew up with Aunts and neighbors giving them away due to the abundance of tomatoes every season. A neighbor introduced me to a Florida native, the everglade tomato. It...

  • Olive Tree

    I’ve dreamed of living in Italy and making my own olive garden and cheese. Until that day, I decided to grow Olive trees.

  • Blue Java Banana

    I started off with two blue java banana trees. Each cost about $25 each and was about 3 foot when purchased. Since then, they have multiplied and fruited. My life was so busy, I...

  • First Fruit Trees

    It all started with palm trees and tropical plants, and I managed to keep them alive. The next step in my growth with my gardening skills, I decided to go with a few plants....